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Assembly of Shapes By Danielle Weiler New

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I need a place, just for me, a place to escape, a place to just be. If I could create an assembly of shapes on endless pages? I do believe my life would be complete.

Chas lives in a town where kids just want to get wasted, where one party melts into the next and they don't think about life beyond school. Unless you're one of the lucky rich kids, of course.

Chas's I-don't-give-a-rats persona doesn't match his secret: he loves drawing. He sketches the girls he sleeps with; all but Kira, though not from lack of trying. Worse, the guys abide by a code, and Chas wants to break the most important rule.

He's desperate for a way out. A future that doesn't involve juvi or abusive stepfathers or friends who blame him. All he has to do is figure out how.