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Friendship On Fire: the Sequel By Danielle Weiler New

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"You care, Diary. So I’ve decided to tell you the story: why Mum disapproves of me, why my brothers would disown me. After all, I have no one else to tell it to, no one else who understands, no one who knows the characters as well as you. I’m sorry that it’s been such a long time."

A year ago, Roman declared his love for Daisy at South Beach. They were confident in their new start after leaving school and all the dramas along with it.
But life is sneaky like that. It always has other plans.
No one understands why Daisy suddenly leaves Twin Rocks for Africa; nor do they know why she returns so different. She’s distant now, angry and broken and holding a tiny secret that threatens to complicate everything. 
And along with the ice-cold reception she receives, Daisy is above all terrified she won’t be able to find her true self again.